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Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Repairs in Hemlock MI

Using its onboard computer as the brains of the operation, your car keeps a close eye on the function of all its major systems. When something goes awry, it sends up the warning signal in the form of your check engine light or other dashboard lights. As soon as that occurs, you can turn to our team at Hemlock Auto & Alignment for help figuring out the cause and completing the proper auto repairs.

Most Common Repairs Needed Due to Check Engine Light Codes

Depending on your car’s year, make, and model, your check engine light can come on for many different reasons, such as:

  • Oxygen sensor failure
  • Catalytic converter clog
  • EGR valve blockage
  • Thermostat stuck closed
  • Bad airflow sensor


If you’re lucky, the check engine light could just come on due to a loose gas cap, although you’ll still need the codes cleared after tightening it back up.

Since there are so many potential causes, it’s always essential to run a quick scan to figure out what’s going on and see if your car needs auto repair in Hemlock, MI. With that move, you can keep minor issues from escalating, resulting in serious repairs.

Our Proven Approach to Finding the Cause of Your Check Engine Light

Whenever your check engine light or other dashboard warning lights come on, you’ll need to have your mechanic find and fix the cause. To do that, our team uses proven diagnostic techniques and specialty tools to speak with the onboard computer effectively.

Through that process, we can tell which system might need repairs and continue the diagnostic process. Once our techs have pinpointed the cause, they will let you know their repair recommendations. You can then use that info to make the right car care decisions and get the auto repairs your car needs to keep running and driving at its best.

A check engine light lit up on a car's dashboard

A Look at Our Specialty Tools and Equipment for Every Car

To get every job done right the first time around, our technicians use all the top specialty tools and equipment for every vehicle year, make, and model. Although a significant investment, having the right equipment allows us to take great care of your car and consistently exceed your every expectation.

For example, with our factory scan tools, we can interface with the car’s onboard computer and sensors to check their function and make an accurate diagnosis. Our specialty tools also make it possible to change out parts without causing damage and install all components to spec.

Check Engine Light On?

Call Hemlock Auto & Alignment

If you have a check engine light on or any other dash lights illuminated, call 989-642-4423 to reach our Hemlock Auto & Alignment team. We’ll help you find a convenient time to bring your car down to the shop. Or, if you prefer, we can arrange pick-up and drop-off service instead, so you can focus on handling your daily obligations while we fix your car. Please feel free to call anytime your dash lights come on, or you simply feel like it’s time for auto repair in Hemlock, MI.