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Understanding the Factors That Influence Transmission Repair Costs

Transmission repairs vary significantly from repair to repair and even from car to car. The transmission is full of moving parts that send power from the engine to the wheels. It is what allows you to move forward and in reverse and to shift gears. When something goes wrong, your vehicle might move slowly, with a lot of noise, or not at all. We know all you can see are dollar signs when someone mentions transmissions, but not all transmission repairs are outrageously expensive.

Transmission Repair Expenses at Hemlock Auto & Alignment in Hemlock MI

Hemlock Auto & Alignment in Hemlock, MI can repair and replace transmissions and will let you know the car transmission repair costs before starting on repairs.

Factors Affecting Transmission Repair Expenses at Hemlock Auto & Alignment in Hemlock, MI

Transmission repair cost factors vary depending on the type of transmission you have, the year, make and model of your vehicle, and many other factors, including:

The Extent of Damage

Transmissions have many moving parts. Generally, if the clutches are worn, they’re not too expensive to replace. However, if the bands and planetary gears are worn or damaged, the cost to repair the transmission is significantly higher.

Type of Transmission

Some transmissions cost more to repair. Types of transmissions include automatic, manual or continuously variable (CVT). Each type has its own components, issues and complexities.

Labor and Parts Costs

Labor rates and parts costs can significantly vary from one auto repair shop to another, reflecting the diverse market and differing business practices. Hemlock Auto & Alignment understands this variability and prides itself on offering fair and competitive rates, ensuring that every repair is worth every penny spent.

It’s not uncommon to encounter different pricing strategies among shops, with some having higher labor rates and others potentially charging more for parts. The source of the parts can also influence the overall cost of repairs. For instance, exclusive dealership parts might come with a premium, compared to those available through auto parts stores like Napa.

At Hemlock Auto & Alignment, we prioritize transparency and value, ensuring that customers receive high-quality service and parts at fair prices, fostering trust and satisfaction.

Transmission Fluid

Not all vehicles use the same transmission fluid. Vehicles that require special transmission fluid are more expensive to repair because of the cost of the fluid.

Make and Model

In most cases, luxury vehicles have a luxury repair price tag, thanks to what manufacturers charge for parts. The labor is often comparable to other vehicles unless the manufacturer makes it more difficult to remove the transmission.

Rebuilding or Replacing

Depending on the transmission, it may be less expensive to rebuild it than to replace it. Electronic transmissions are usually more expensive to rebuild and replace than non-electronic transmissions.

Shop Reputation

If a shop is known for rebuilding and repairing transmissions, it can often demand a higher repair price. When shopping for prices, keep in mind that shops and transmission techs with less experience often charge less than the more experienced transmission techs, as the service is of lesser quality.


Geographic location can significantly influence the price of transmission repairs, primarily due to variations in the cost of parts. A clutch for your vehicle might cost $500 in a state or county with a repressed economy and $800 or more in a state or county with a booming economy where the cost of living is higher.

Aftermarket Upgrades

Performance parts and some aftermarket parts can be more expensive than OEM parts. Performance parts are usually manufactured to handle the additional stress of additional horsepower and are inherently more expensive.

Diagnostic Costs

Costs for diagnostics can vary wildly. If you have an electronic transmission, the tech must use a computer to interface with the electronic control module or the transmission module. A non-electronic transmission doesn’t require this step, but often, the transmission tech has to take it apart to see what’s wrong.

Independent Shop vs. Dealership

In most cases, the dealership is going to be more expensive than an independent shop like Hemlock Auto & Alignment in Hemlock, MI. Our labor rates are usually lower than those of most dealerships, and we often find quality aftermarket and OEM parts at lower prices than dealers offer.

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