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About Our Team at Hemlock Auto & Alignment

For over 25 years, our team has proudly served as the leading auto repair shop in Hemlock, MI. Although we’re changing things by going from Swan Creek Auto Repair to Hemlock Auto & Alignment, we still offer the same excellent service you can trust. Beyond that, we’ve moved to a more extensive shop just eight miles down the road, so we can better serve all our valued customers. Ready to make auto repair a top priority? Just partner with our team to get all the car maintenance and repair services you need.

Our Commitment to Quality Auto Repair Services
in Hemlock, MI

At our Hemlock MI auto repair shop, we strive to go above and beyond in providing all your car care services. We’re dedicated to making auto maintenance and repairs easy, approachable, and wholly convenient at every visit.

You can count on us to perform all the right diagnostic steps to figure out what’s going on and find the proper repair recommendations. We are always here to go over the problem in detail and help you understand what services your car needs.

Our team can then complete the auto repair in Hemlock, MI using their extensive training, specialty tools, and the highest quality of parts and fluids. All the while, you can take our courtesy cars around town to handle your errands or kick back and relax in our comfortable waiting area.

After handling your maintenance and repair services, our team will go over their findings and let you know how to best care for your car moving forward. You can then get your upcoming maintenance services on the schedule or just take a card and give us a call later.

An auto technician at Hemlock Auto & Alignment using a diagnostics machine while sitting inside the car

Why Every Service Starts with a Comprehensive Digital Vehicle Inspection

Many automotive issues start slowly as parts wear out and suffer minor damage through the miles. If caught at that point, it’s possible to prevent the components from failing and putting you in danger on the road.

For that reason, our team at Hemlock Auto & Alignment starts every service with a comprehensive digital vehicle inspection. During that process, your mechanic looks at your car from nose to tail while taking photos, videos, and notes of their findings.

Then, they can create a full report on the condition of your car and let you know about minor services to complete at that time. With that move, you can prevent minor issues from growing worse and potentially derailing your travels.

Need Auto Repair in Hemlock, MI?

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When you need auto repair in Hemlock, MI, you can always call 989-781-0988 to get on the schedule. Our team at Hemlock Auto & Alignment can help you find a great time to swing by – or set up the pick-up and drop-off service for your convenience. Whatever you choose, your mechanic is here to help get your car in great shape so that you can enjoy all your travels to the fullest. So, please feel free to call anytime you need auto repair services.